The severe economic crisis in Venezuela is forcing more and more people into exile: As from Figures from the UN refugee Agency’s forth plant and the International organization for Migration, currently more than three million Venezuelans, and Venezuelans abroad. Of these, around 2.4 million in Latin America and the Caribbean have come under. The biggest host country, Colombia is: There are more than a Million Venezuelans now live. Every day, up to 6,000 people according to the UN, the border between the two South American States.

in August alone, around 700,000 Venezuelans have to leave their home country: at the Time, the UN still spoke of the 2.3 million people from Venezuela, living in exile – 1.6 million of them in Latin America and the Caribbean. These countries have followed, according to the representative of the two UN agencies for migrants from Venezuela, Eduardo stone, a commendable open-door policy, but their capacity had already been claimed. He demanded, therefore, a reliable response of the international community, in order for this solidarity could be maintained.

Since the beginning of 2017, the political and economic Situation in Venezuela is rapidly deteriorating. Hyperinflation, shortage of food and medicines, as well as shortages in electricity and water supply make many Venezuelans. In addition, the authoritarian government of President Nicolás Maduro’s crackdown on opposition. Since 2015 have to leave according to the UN, 1.6 million Venezuelans and Venezuelans in the country. Around 60 percent of Brazil Refugees are now drawn in other countries of South America.

Due to the high number of refugees, the surrounding countries are overwhelmed increasingly. Peru and Ecuador have introduced in August of stricter entry regulations for Venezuelans to limit the number of refugees from the country. Thousands of migrants tried to enter before the entry into force of the new rules over the land in the Andean country. In the same month, had driven in Brazil an angry Mob, hundreds of refugees across the border back to Venezuela.