Coronavirussets the ravages illustrates the folly of war, says the UN secretary-general Monday in a speech.

the UN secretary-general, António Guterres, is calling for an “immediate global ceasefire” because of the situation with coronavirus.

It writes the AFP news agency.

A global ceasefire to protect vulnerable civilians in conflict zones from the problems, as a coronavirus brings with it.

– the Virus ravages illustrates the folly of war, says António Guterres, in a short speech at the united nations headquarters in New York.

– It is why I am today calling for an immediate global cease-fire in every corner of the world.

Experts and diplomats expect according to AFP, that coronaviruses can cause havoc in konfliktlande. The countries are often very poor and have fragile health systems.

– It is time to put the armed conflict in abeyance and to focus together on the real battle for our lives.

– Quit the disease, as war is, and face the disease, which creates havoc in our world. It begins with to stop all the fighting. Now, says Guterres, according to AFP.