the schools are still unclear as to whether they will be after the easter holidays, once again, the doors will not open. However, in anticipation of greater clarity, to prepare for the umbrella organisations GO! and for Catholic Education in Flanders, however, for the scenario in which the lessons are still not in the normal way, resumes can be made. They are going to assume that it will be offering new courses through distance education, in this case, however, will be essential.

finally, The government decided on Friday to take measures against the spread of the new corona virus is provisional until the 19th of april at a time. But also, as a further extension, until may 3, is also possible. Therefore, it is not yet known whether or not the schools immediately after the easter holidays, classes resumed.

“I would have liked more clarity about hoped-for effect, for which they could vote,” said Natalie Jennes, president of the flemish community education (GO!). “Unfortunately, there is not a more clear”, says Lieven Boeve, director-general of the Catholic Education in Flanders; “but I do understand that there is still no decision on the long-term, it can be done.”

the scenarios

The two umbrella organisations, are being prepared for two possible scenarios. They argue, however, that a prolonged closure of the schools as new curriculum is discussed, through distance learning.

“so far, there is only the subject matter repetitive, but that can’t last”, says it’s a GO!. “If the measures are extended, we will be at any given time, however, the new curriculum should be as well. We are preparing on this matter, in order to determine what is the appropriate and in a coordinated way to be able to do that.”

SEE ALSO. This is what we need to remember from the press conference at the National Security council: an immediate recoveries in case of violation of rules and schoolopvang during the Easter holidays,

At the Catholic Education in Flanders may sound, a similar sound to it. “If the schools after the easter holidays to go, we will as much as possible, try to get in the normal way. Therefore, We will need to measure where the students are, and to see how the children can do which they have fallen behind schedule,” says Boeve. In the case that the schools are not open, we will have to leave the maintenance mode, in which we are just learning to repeat it and see how we can be a part of the essential course material through distance education are able to offer.” However, it is intended that the new curriculum later in the classroom repeatedly.

to create A situation in which there is this year, no re-opening of schools anymore, it is still not to be taken into consideration by the Catholic Education in Flanders, belgium.

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