Cooperative “Ibalik”, named after a small river in the Ulyanovsk region, combines several fish farms. They continue to grow and deliver fresh fish. Masks, antiseptic and other protection to agricultural producers enough to work under the changed conditions.

In the words of the Chairman of the cooperative “Ibalik” Marat Kuzahmetova, special problems does not arise, on the contrary, there is a growing demand for their products.

We have introduced a contactless delivery, accounting for about 40 percent of all applications. Buyers are more willing to use this service. Special preferences of consumers there. Traditionally, demand for trout, but not deprived of attention of the sturgeon, carp and crawfish, – said Marat Kazahmedov. – In the nearest plans of development of “economical” types of aquaculture. The means of the cooperative plan to build new ponds and to grow pike, catfish, carp, and silver carp. The good natural conditions, we have clean water. Plus one of the members of the co-operative last year received a grant for the cultivation of sturgeon, this will allow you to reduce the cost of this fish.

in Addition to grant support, cooperative “Ibalik” in 2020, is counting on the subsidies, they want to direct the opening of a workshop of deep processing.

currently, the cooperative receives about one hundred tons, and in the next two to three years plans to increase this figure to five hundred tone. Actively sell not only in Ulyanovsk region, but also deliver in the neighbouring regions Penza and Samara regions, the Republic of Tatarstan.

Recall that in the region is actively implementing the Federal project “Creation of system of support of farmers and development of rural societies”, which is included in the national project “Small and medium entrepreneurship and support individual entrepreneurial initiatives.

the aim of the project is to improve the income and standard of life of rural residents through the creation and development of subjects of small and medium enterprises, including peasant farms and agricultural consumer cooperatives.

According to the planned targets of the regional Ministry of agriculture, the number of people involved in small and medium-sized enterprises in agriculture, by 2024, will be at least 1 636 people, of whom 363 person planned to bring in 2019. The project aims to support rural workers and their families.

As noted by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ulyanovsk region – Minister of agriculture and rural development Michael Semenkin, at the initiative of Governor Sergei Morozov in 2016, the region moved to project management in development of small forms of enterprises in rural areas, which allowed to earn a certain experience.

– Thanks to these competences and best practices, knock��receding over the past years, we have managed with high positions to begin work in the format of the national project. We were able to promptly identify which are the priority. As a consequence in the ranking of the subjects according to the number of created cooperatives at the end of last year the Ulyanovsk region took the eighth position of the 89 subjects of Russia, – said Mikhail Semenkin. – Pleased with the quality indicator. If in Russia as a whole the proportion of the total number of registered operating companies amounted to 60 percent in the Ulyanovsk region – 84 percent. Only on the territory of the region 80 formed agricultural cooperatives.