How fast you can return the football to the Corona-crisis to normal mode? This is a question Managers and Fans drives up to date. Uli Hoeness is expected that the consequences of the pandemic will be for years to feel. He said the “Kicker” in a telephone interview: “It will be very likely to give a new world of football.” This may not be the view of the honorary President of Bayern Munich, but fundamentally, something Negative. (Also read: Corona Virus: football championship takes place in 2021{: target=”_blank”})

Hoeneß is expecting massive Corona-follow

The current Situation is not only a danger, says Hoeness. It provides, in his opinion, the Chance “that the coordinates can be changed”. Perhaps Hoeness hopes that the Corona-crisis helps runaway developments on a healthier level. The former Bayern Boss stressed according to the “Kicker” as an example on the three-digit sums of the numbers of clubs for football stars. (Also interesting: at home in Vienna when David Alaba: The FC Bayern Munich Star shows off his apartment{: target=”_blank”})

“You can’t dictate it, but 100-million-Euro Transfers I can’t imagine that in the next time,” says Uli Hoeness. He expects only a short-term shock effect for football by Corona. “The transfer sums will fall, the amounts will be in the next two, three years at the previous level. Because all countries are affected,” he predicts.

League by Covid-19 in danger?

The longtime Association chief of the German record champion and disseminated with a view to the League with Confidence and still. “Games without spectators and guarantee the distribution of the TV money, and if this works, there are for 2019/20 is no existential Problem,” he says. It should be until Christmas no games, is, however, threatened the entire League in your existence. Hoeness does not want to be involved in speculation, when the Ball is rolling again: “All the predictions about a possible Start of the games that are charlatans.”

Hoeness calls for to put in the current Corona-crisis priorities. The people should follow the instructions of the government, authorities and health experts. “Now, solidarity has to be lived, not just be told,” insists Hoeness, the remains, according to the “Kicker” in his house at the Tegernsee. “It’s about people’s lives,” affirms the FC honorary President and praises: “The policy in Germany is doing a sensational Job.”

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