Uli Hoeness someone be konseqeuntes Actions and clear words Excel is. This is also in the Corona-crisis. The long-time officer of the FC Bayern live, what is now required: He stays at home in his house on the Tegernsee.

the Sport Hoeness on the Bicycle ergo meter, out he goes only for shopping. “We need to give rest, until we see that in the Numbers of infections improvement,” said the 68-Year-old and announced the Coronavirus, “a plague”.

Uli Hoeneß: “don’t Bte of God, that the infections return”

light also Uli Hoeness can see. “I’m a Realist,” he says in the “kicker” in relation to a possible end of the pandemic. “I pray to God that the nine infections, and measures, which I think is good.” The policy, he or she certifies in the crisis, “a sensational Job, especially Markus Söder and Jens Spahn, but also Olaf Scholz and Peter Altmaier.”

Hoeness also knows what the action really is and what is not. “It’s not about that three people in the English garden or else where to be able to smoke a cigarette together, but that their 80-year-old father or grandfather remains alive. It’s about people’s lives,” emphasized the Ex-President of the FC Bayern.

Europe could be from his point of view, even a winner of the pandemic. The Saarland and the Rhineland-would have taken Palatinate infected the French and the Bavarians Sick from Italy has flown Hoeness called “a fantastic action. Now solidarity has to be lived, not just be told.”

“charlatans”: Hoeness warns against speculation on when it comes with football more

This is also true for football, where FC Bayern with the waiver of Salary of professionals and bosses, as well as the formation of a Solidartopfs for the League, together with the other German Champions League participants sign has set. Nevertheless, the further development was not foreseeable.

“I don’t want to speculate,” said Hoeness, and stresses that you “can only talk serious about how it goes further, if we know when we can play again with viewers.” It was and is the case also with the decision on a continuation of the Bundesliga season 2019/20.

For the season 2019/20, he sees “no existential Problem”, if it works with games without spectators and also it is not clear to which point you then continue to play. “All the predictions about a possible Start of the games out are charlatans,” said Hoeness.

Uli Hoeneß: “existence of the basis of the entire League not threatened” if you play up to Christmas

mind games would at least guarantee the TV money. If the Ball does not roll, however, until Christmas is threatened “the livelihoods of the entire League”.

Hoeness accepts that it “is very likely a new football world” by the Corona-crisis. “You can’t dictate it, but 100-million-Euro Transfers I can’t imagine that in the next time,” he said in the “kicker”.

Hoeness expects as many experts so that the transfer of sums to fall, “the amounts will be in the next two, three years at the previous level.” Because all countries were affected. Tottenham coach Mourinho wants Marcel Sabitzer of RB Leipzig PCP Tottenham coach Mourinho wants Marcel Sabitzer of RB Leipzig