It may well be that he’s turning 80 later in the year, but when it comes to the brave new world, is Ulf Pilgaard in no way lost behind a wagon.

“It’s pretty ingenious,” he says with enthusiasm in his voice.

At the beginning of may is the premiere of the year Cirkusrevy. Ulf Pilgaards last.

And while hundreds of other rides and entertainment options have been cancelled and postponed because of the spread of corona virus, the team has Cirkusrevyen kept the faith that comes to life in the revyteltet as planned.

But of course it’s not everything running as planned.

like The rest of the country need to take their precautions, they are also. And it is here that the brave new world comes into the picture.

“Now, can we for once see the result of a technology that you can actually get pleasure from,” says Ulf Pilgaard.

“It is really, really smart.”

At this early stage in the work with the revue team would – which, in addition to Ulf Pilgaard count Lisbet Dahl, Niels Ellegaard, Mille Lehfeldt and Carsten Svendsen – usually meet around a table and review their respective texts.

“But instead of sitting and staring at each other, we have a Facebook group which we meet in daily and constantly updates how far we have come,” explains Ulf Pilgaard.

Only later in the process starting tests ‘on the floor’. And whether it will be possible, time will tell.

“Like everyone else we of course need to take our precautions, and we can only cross our fingers that the measures the authorities have set in motion, some batter. But I believe damn on it,” says Ulf Pilgaard.

But of course there have been changes in the revue. Corona-changes. The new reality comes, of course, to be included in this year’s Cirkusrevy, he promises.

“When something takes up as much space in a society, the country’s largest revue not avoid to comment on it,” says Ulf Pilgaard, which despite its age does not go around and is worried on his own behalf.

“It is not for me. But I have also taken my precautions.”

“This winter I have twice been in Tenerife and got some vitamin D into the body, so I should actually be a little more prepared,” he says.