The mayor of Ulan-Ude intends to purchase buses with quotes from Russian President Vladimir Putin for a total amount of 200 million rubles.

About it reports the edition “”, quoting the website of public procurement. According to him, each bus will spend 4.7 billion roubles. The funds will be allocated from Federal and regional budgets.

At the moment the city announced a tender for the supply of these buses will be purchased 42 machines with a capacity of at least 50 people. Their boards will be placed Putin’s statements, for example, the people’s budget initiative people" and “the far East is a key direction of development.” The final wording will be approved upon conclusion of the contract. The buses should be new, but released “no earlier than 2020”.

Earlier wrote about the fact that a third of Russian travelers to get to destinations this year on the plane. This is evidenced by data survey, conducted by the Internet portal. Every twentieth traveller chose the bus and only two percent will travel by ship.