In Russia at the moment, daily 170 thousand tests for coronavirus, by the end of may, this figure should be increased to 300 thousand, said during his address the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Ukrainian media immediately published this statement by comparing the national average with private testing. And was, to put it mildly, amazed.

In Ukraine for all time was made 181 thousand tests on coronavirus, reports This is a country with a population of 41.7 million people. In Ukraine there is no practice when test not only of those who had contact with the infected, but also those who have the coronavirus only suspect. Last week, Parliament passed a law that requires testing COVID-19 all who have had contact with infected individuals. But many doubt that even this requirement can be executed, because in the Square there is a serious shortage of tests.

we note that if in Ukraine the number of tests is so low, and a full picture on the infection impossible to imagine. In Ukraine at the moment marked 15 648 cases of infections and deaths 408 patients with coronavirus.

Look at the situation in Belarus. Chief freelance specialist of laboratory diagnostics of the Ministry of health of the Republic in early may said that the country is on the average 8,5-9,5 thousand of tests for coronavirus in the day. The population of Belarus is 9.4 million people.

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