Ukrainian football player questioned the existence of coronavirus

Former football player of Kiev “Dynamo”, Moscow “Locomotive” and Makhachkala “Anji”, now a coach Olexandr Aliyev brought his vision of the situation with the epidemic of the coronavirus COVID-19. The athlete refused to believe in its existence, and the news about the deaths from the pandemic called fake.

Footballer came to such conclusions, reached in the Ukrainian city of Obolon and found that the “all closed”.

“Honestly, I do not believe it. I walked down the street. A lot of people. The kids very much. The weather is good. I think it’s all fakes. If anyone needs this coronavirus, who all started? Heard that today in Italy is dead 368 people. But I think it’s all fake,” said 35-year-old native of Khabarovsk on video on Instagram.

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Publish from Aliyev Саша88 (@aliev_sasha88) 18 Mar 2020 at 6:21 PDT

the athlete has urged people to protect themselves and wished them health.

According to the latest data, Ukraine had contracted the coronavirus 16 people, two of them died. Worldwide are infected about 220 thousand people, more than 9 thousand did not survive the pandemic.