the Ukrainian Greco-Roman style Jean Beleniuk in an interview with YouTube channel the BEHOLDER spoke about the participation of boxers Alexander Usik and Vasyl Lomachenko in the filming of the Russian movie about the Church “Hello brother, Christ is Risen!”.

Beleniuk speculate that Russian sport stars have not been involved in the shooting of the film, while Usyk and Lomachenko has agreed to participate in the project. “Because you can just take to get it on camera, to talk about the right things. I’m also a believer and go to Church. But I think such things should be inside of a person,” he thought.

may 7, Usyk and Lomachenko hit the base of the Ukrainian website “Peacemaker” due to the filming of the documentary film “Hello brother, Christ is Risen!”. Boxers accused of denial of the Russian aggression, participation in organized by the Russian anti-Ukrainian propaganda activities.

Mustache — the former absolute world champion on Boxing in the first heavy weight. Lomachenko — the world champion under versions of the world Boxing Association (WBA), world Boxing organization (WBO) and world Boxing Council (WBC).