Ukrainian asks about the evacuation of Wuhan

the Ukrainian authorities do not help their citizens living in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak of coronavirus. About this on air of the program “60 minutes,” said the citizen of Ukraine Ekaterina Bondareva.

“at First we were told that the evacuation would be 11 Feb. But after 8 hours has sent the message that to be evacuated for technical reasons we can’t. We’re all in shock, we sat on the suitcases. Our parents cling to calm, faint”, she said.

“Now it is much worse than it was two weeks ago. Panic starts already among us, Ukrainians. In recent days it has increased to 15 thousand cases, and we don’t know how long we sit here. Wanted to go back home, take us, please,” said the girl. She said that want to return home from Wuhan 55 citizens of Ukraine.

Ekaterina Bondareva very sorry that was not flown by the Russian side. According to her, she just didn’t know that Russian planes also evacuate CIS citizens, including Ukrainians.

a native of the city of Krivoy Rog were told that arrived in the Chinese city of Wuhan to work.

I came here not from good life, I help their parents. They have small salaries. Only when the epidemic began, we wrote to the Embassy that I want to go home.

But, she said, some of the citizens of Ukraine believe that there is nothing to ask for help from the state: they arrived in Wuhan of themselves and get out.