Ukraine will help: you are ready for Belarus for the sake of cheap oil

According to Alexey Kalachev, an analyst CC “FINAM”, through Ukraine, Belarus expects to receive up to 30% essential oil, if you seriously attend to the diversification of its sources. In this case, the Minsk plans another 30% to get through Lithuania, and the remaining 40% will continue to buy from Russia.

– When Minsk says oil from Ukraine, it is about the Odessa – Brody pipeline, which links to refineries in Belarus can enter the oil came from third-party sellers by tankers to Odessa, – said Kalachev. – The fact that Belarus has no private access to the sea, so the cargo oil from black sea ports she can get through the territory of Ukraine, or even through her mediation. And from the Baltic ports by rail through Lithuania.

Option to diversify sources of oil will look more believable when you can calculate the price of the purchased thus oil cost of oil products made from it, to identify the markets in which these oil products will be sold and at what price.

– Theoretically, this scenario cannot be ruled out, and almost need to see what happens, – the expert concludes.

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