In fighting in the Donbass formations are not particularly monitor the cleanliness of the biography. There are many criminal elements, Skripnik is no exception. Sooner or later Zelensky will have to deal with this problem. This was stated by the newspaper VIEW Ukrainian political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov, commenting on the incident in Poltava, where a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation took hostage the chief of regional criminal investigation Department.

“In a situation with a terrorist Lutsk Ukraine’s President acted humanly understandable. It it is difficult to judge. But next time in a similar case can do already quite unacceptable for the head of state demands. Then will do Zelensky?”, – asks the head of the Kiev center “Third sector” Andrei Zolotarev.

According to the political scientist, the Ukrainian society is infected with a virus of aggression and intolerance. “The principle of “right of the strong”, along with money and control over media is firmly established in the Arsenal of Ukrainian politicians. As a result: right-wing radicals have become Junior partners of the state in carrying out sociocentricity policy. Any other ideas made anathema. Those who hold other views, declared enemies of the state. Problem Zelensky became aggressive minority which imposes its will,” – said the source.

And now, says Zolotarev, we observe a small series of victorious attacks, which can be quite different beneficiaries. But even if you do not fall into the conspiracy, it is obvious that such an emergency actively swinging through media. Occurs artificial intensification of the demand for a strong hand. And who are in the role of this strong hand, as yet unknown, said the analyst.

“as for the volunteer units in the “zone ATO”, as during the Second world war, when the Nazis formed a “Waffen-SS”, nobody really understood the purity of biographies of personnel. Everyone knows that there got a lot of criminals, including those who spent time in prison. The offender, who seized hostages police in Poltava, not the exception – he was serving a sentence for possession and sale of drugs. And there are many,” stated the source.

“During the events on Maidan in 2014, these “heroes” did not disdain the looting. Along with those who went to the barricades, driven by a sincere belief, had a lot of “gentlemen of fortune”, “patriots” the high road. Then they have not gone away. Sooner or later the head of Ukraine, whether Zelensky or someone else, will be forced to deal with this problem,” concluded Zolotarev.

We will remind, on Thursday, the resident of Poltava Roman Skripnik previously involved in the fighting in the area of “ATO” in the Donbass, took hostage the chief of regional criminal investigation Department. He later freed the hostage and SBEstings.

Deputy interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko has published a list of convictions Skrypnyk. In 2007 he was tried for petty theft, in 2008 for fraud. In 2014 the suspect was convicted on charges of manufacture or possession of drugs. According to the Ukrainian edition Stranaya in 2017 Skrypnyk was on compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of “acute polymorphic psychotic disorder with symptoms of schizophrenia, suicidal intentions, aggression towards others”.

On Tuesday in Lutsk – the center of Volyn region – previously convicted and involved forced psychiatric treatment Maxim Compressor took in hostages of passengers of the bus and held them for more than ten hours, and then gave up. Newspaper OPINION wrote that Jewish terrorist revealed the helplessness of the Ukrainian security forces.