The desire, strategy and the national idea — the fundamental things that Ukraine needs to return to the Crimea. The former Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin told the newspaper “Obozrevatel”.

Ukraine is ready to war with Russia over Crimea

According to him, the return of the Crimea should become a national idea for every Ukrainian and implemented according to a clear strategy, part of which must be the transformation of the Peninsula in domestic and foreign policy issue for Russia.

“and, of course, the desire (to return the Crimea. — Approx. ed.) to do so, because it’s worth something,” added the former head of the Ukrainian Ministry of foreign Affairs (MFA).

He also expressed the opinion that in about 8-12 years Ukraine will receive the best opportunity for the return of the Crimea — when Russia begins to restart.

In early June, as reported by “the Rambler”, Klimkin said that the national idea of the liberation of the Crimea came to an end in Ukraine for the reason that the authorities began to discuss the question of supplying water to the Peninsula. According to the former Minister, talking about it can only the enemies of Ukraine and collaborators.