Ukraine update in the evening – Zelenskyj says how this war will end

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenksy said in his evening video address that Russia’s 2014 annexation had turned Crimea into one of the most dangerous places in Europe. “The Black Sea region cannot be safe as long as Crimea is occupied,” he said. “This Russian war against Ukraine, against all free Europe, started with Crimea and must end with Crimea, with its liberation.”

Russia regards the peninsula as its territory and has threatened massive retaliation should Ukrainian attacks attack it. Most states recognize that Crimea remains part of Ukraine under international law.

Ukraine has buried 15 victims of the Bucha massacre. The bodies, which were found in mass graves in the small town near Kyiv after the Russian troops withdrew at the end of March, have not yet been identified. Deputy Mayor Mykhailyna Skoryk told Reuters: “All these people were shot and have marks of torture on their bodies.”

Every day, the Ukrainian military command for the south of the country issues a military update. 35 Russian soldiers were killed in fighting in southern Ukraine on Tuesday. In addition, Ukrainian troops managed to destroy a Russian ammunition dump and six armed military vehicles.

Because of alleged Ukrainian attacks on the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, Russia requested that the issue be discussed in the United Nations Security Council on Thursday. This was reported by the Russian agency Tass from New York. On Tuesday, the Russian military administration of the occupied Zaporizhia region announced that air defenses would be stationed at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) saw no immediate threat to nuclear safety after the bombardment of the nuclear power plant. This was announced by IAEA boss Rafael Mariano Grossi at the agency’s headquarters in Vienna. Ukraine informed the IAEA that although there was damage, radiation measurements remained at normal levels. Russia promised an IAEA mission a visit to the plant.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant in the city of Enerhodar was shot at several times last weekend and some were damaged. However, the critical infrastructure should remain intact. Moscow and Kyiv blame each other. The allegations have not yet been verified independently.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin visits EU and NATO member Latvia. The political talks in the Baltic state bordering Russia are said to be about the security of NATO’s eastern flank and the US military presence in Latvia.

The Russian army experiences a deadly inferno in Ukraine. According to two military researchers, Putin’s troops will have to deal with the aftermath for a long time. An example case illustrates what happened on the battlefield.

Russia is now taking a new measure to recruit more people for the army. According to a media report, male employees of state-owned companies are laid off if they can be dispensed with. However, they should not be used at the front.

The Russian company Gazprom apparently burns part of the gas that is actually supposed to go to Germany at the Nord Stream 1 compressor station near Saint Petersburg.

The losses on the Russian side have not been officially communicated, but observers assume around 15,000 casualties. In order to advance his “special operation”, Putin needs many new soldiers. And they come primarily from remote, poor provinces.