Fun is deadly Serious: The comedian Volodimir Selenski (41) is the new President of Ukraine. He is actually already since the autumn of 2015 – on the TV screens.

on a Wednesday in Prime time, the actor Selenski showed how he anradelte as a clean, modest, sympathetic head of government of Vasil Holoborodko against the corrupt swamp in the country on his bike. A teacher with a heart to make it to the very top.

“servants of the people” is a TV series with high ratings and so popular, that in March 2019 the third season running. Launch was on time to the presidential elections. Already in the first ballot on January 31. March 2019 receives Volodimir Selenski almost a third of the votes. Now 73 percent of the 30 million voters for the Ukrainian comedian decided in the runoff election, while incumbent President Petro Poroshenko drops with only 25 per cent. The Oligarch admits his defeat, congratulates the challengers to victory.

two years Ago, the comedian founded his party

With Volodimir Selenski, Ukraine has the so far youngest President in its history. He is a qualified attorney and Humorist. For over 15 years, he plays in the Russian-speaking TV channel 1+1, fills the Saturday evening broadcasts. He is a Showman, taking the Elite on the shovel. Politically active Selenski will only be in 2017, when he founded his party, which he names after the TV series, in Ukrainian, “Sluga naroda”.

But the new strong man in the Ukrainian government is not “President Holoborodko, the servant of the people”. Now he has to prove himself: No script will run the newly minted head of state. No cuts will conceal his weaknesses. But he holds closely to his role: As the series hero that he is, promises to Volodimir Selenski to fight corruption. He wants to on the one hand, to go to Russia, on the other hand, the EU accession hold. However, it lacks the political Know-how.

behind Selenskis political career of the Oligarch Kolomoiski?

“We will appoint new people,” says Selenski meanwhile. The leadership in the General Prosecutor’s office and the General staff of the armed forces, for example, he wanted to replace it. In addition, the peace revive plan for the embattled East, and to rid the country of people from Russian or separatist captivity.

some skeptics feared, but a political farce. Volodimir Selenski was only a straw man of Oligarch Igor Kolomoiski, (56), and to say evil tongues. The third richest man in the Ukraine, and the media Mogul is not only the owner of the TV channel 1+1, in the Selenskis success series is running; he is in a private Bank belonged to. Which was nationalized in 2016. And the billionaire residing in Geneva would have liked. Using Volodimir Selenski? It is to be hoped that the political career of the comedian ends in Drama.