“Coronavirus” quarantine utterly exhausted not only the poor population of Ukraine, but also part of the administrative apparatus. In different parts of the country from the mouth of influential mayors louder sounded the notes of dissatisfaction with the policies of Vladimir Zelensky.

the First “quarantine riot” happened in Cherkasy – regional center of Central Ukraine. Mayor Anatoly Bondarenko approved a number of documents, “destroyed” from April 30 quarantine in the city contrary to the plans of the Central government.

may 1, Vladimir Zelensky made a menacing video message to the address Bondarenko has made overt threats. The phrase “heartfelt greetings” used Zelensky, easily read “burn in the fire!” given the deliberate mention of the Ministry of internal Affairs and security Service of Ukraine. Cherkasy mayor was accused of “losing” calendar. They say, softening the quarantine measures well before the may 11, Bondarenko de “earns political ratings at the cost of life and health of the residents of the city.” The mayor promised “legal consequences”, Zelensky at the same time “shook his fist” and the rest too independent representatives of local government, who supposedly to confuse the words “decentralization” and “autonomy”.

Instead of trying to portray on the face of genuine fear and take the attention, Cherkasy mayor was supported by his colleagues from other settlements. The cities of the Dnieper, Transcarpathian Mukachevo (who are supposed to be the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe), Ivano-Frankivsk after the Cherkasy also protested the desire of the President to violate “social justice”.

“it seems that want to destroy local government, – wrote in the social network, the mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinko. Against mayors has opened a lot of criminal cases, took money from communities (i.e., urban communities – ed.) fasten Ukrainians prohibition to travel abroad, sold the land, deceived with additional payments to physicians.

Reiterating their support for Bondarenko, Ruslan Martsinko demanded that the President of Ukraine to follow the principle: if we are to enter the country under quarantine, for all, not for the elite. Most likely, the Carpathian, the mayor was referring to the Deputy of Verkhovna Rada from the “Servants of the people” Nikolay Tishchenko, whose fashionable restaurant “Velour” in the centre of Kiev and did not think to close, but rather earned during the period of quarantine considerable profits.

“Former mayors does not happen, so support!” commented Martsinkiv ex-head of fuel and energy Igor Nasalik, which during the rule of President Viktor Yushchenko led the municipality of the city of the Carpathian chemists Kalush.

After analyzing the social networks and forums, Chairman of the Board of the Kiev Institute of world policy Viktor Shlinchak came to the conclusion: the loudest the mayor of Cherkasy, rebelled against the government, applauded by those who a year ago, “clapped Zelensky”. “Yes, and the mayor of Cherkasy from them, – said the analyst. – So don’t whine, it will be even better.”

According to living in Ivano-Frankivsk Roman Fedorak, the current Ukrainian government is scared to death of the prospect of a hunger riot. “People are increasingly aktiviziruyutsya, that’s the result…” – concludes activist.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 in no hurry to loosen its “stranglehold” in Ukrainian cities. Yesterday about the positive test result has announced on the social network, the first Deputy Chairman of Zhytomyr regional Council Sergey Kramarenko. “For me it was a surprise, says the official. – Although I understand: the daily abundance of contacts with a huge number of people from Zhytomyr and all over Ukraine to protect themselves was almost impossible”. Switch to isolation, the first Deputy Chairman of the regional Council was advised to follow his example “all contact persons” who had business with him.

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