Ukraine predicted the disappearance of coronavirus

The epidemic of coronavirus infection in Ukraine will ever end, but there is no certainty that the country will continue to exist, said the former member of Parliament Anna Herman in the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Herman criticized the “chaotic, poorly planned and not designed for the future” Kiev’s actions, expressing confidence that the current Ukrainian authorities are more concerned with getting a new tranche from the IMF, than the containment of the spread of the disease, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“the Most insulting, that no one thinks about the prospects, no one thought how we will emerge from this just what we shall be; and prepares the state and society to ensure postirochnoy period, and it’s very sad. And this is a big problem, because sooner or later the epidemic will end, and whether Ukraine? I put this question you have almost every air because I have, unfortunately, no optimistic response,” said Herman.

Recall that in late March the Verkhovna Rada in accordance with the requirements of the IMF and in the presence of President Vladimir Zelensky adopted the law on the land market. Later, the Rada refused to cancel the law on the land market, unlocking the possibility of signing the law by the President of Ukraine.