Ukraine predicted Italian scenario

Israeli doctor novel Goldman stated that entered Ukraine quarantine “incorrect” and inadequate, and warned about the risk of the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 at the Italian scenario, if “now is not the time to recover”.

Comparing statistics, Goldman in an interview with “Gordon” said that in Israel, a larger number of infections less deaths than in Ukraine. According to him, Ukraine is much more sick, they just don’t reveal.

The Israeli expert added that Israel has less cases of infection among medical personnel: the authorities have tried to provide his outfit, knowing that otherwise will treat people no one.

The actions of Ukrainian doctors shocked Hodgman: some don’t use gloves, touch the trash cans in the operating hands.

Speaking of quarantine measures, Goldmann stressed the need for them. In his opinion, the Jews are not less religious Christians, but in Israel, in contrast to Ukraine, immediately closed all the synagogues, mosques and churches. According to the latest data, Ukraine was 4.1 thousand cases of coronavirus, has died, 116 people. In Israel 140 deaths 12.5 thousand cases.