Ukrainian forces have three Moscow-loyal Orthodox churches searched. Police and intelligence services were also raids with priests of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, confessing to the Moscow Patriarchate. A police spokeswoman said the searches in the Central Region Dschitomir have no fixed opinions. The reason for the raids of a suspected violation of the law on the equality of religious Beliefs.

One representative of the Church, Archbishop Kliment Wetscheria, spoke of an attempt at Intimidation, as it got him to the Stalin era in the Soviet Union. The Metropolitan Vissarion, also a member of the Moscow faithful Orthodoxy, said that the security forces had Orders to seize everything. They acted but aloof and tolerant.

First, on Friday, the residence of the Metropolitan Pavlo had been searched under the Moscow Patriarchate and head of the cave monastery in Kiev, one of the most important religious sites to Orthodox Christians.

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The raids took place against the Background of the detachment of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Russia. Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, had approved the spin-off in October against the resistance from Moscow, officially. The Russian Orthodox Church was then a break with the Ecumenical Patriarchate, based in Istanbul. The Metropolitan Pavel had made critical comments on the separation of the Ukrainian Church.

A part of the faithful in Ukraine, the Kiev Patriarch Filaret, the Fidelity, is not recognized in Moscow. Another part of the faithful still loyal to the Moscow Patriarchate, the numerous churches and monasteries in the Ukraine. The Russian Orthodox Church has repeatedly expressed the concern that the government in Kiev would try to take legal measures or the use of violence, the influence from Moscow.

The tensions between Ukraine and Russia increased the least on a political level. The Russian coast guard had fired at the end of November, before the Peninsula of the Crimea three Ukrainian naval vessels and 24 crew members detained. The government in Kiev imposed a 30-day law of war. Both sides have blamed each other for the confrontation.