Russia may attempt to establish a land corridor to the Crimea, said the Deputy foreign Minister of Ukraine Vasyl Bodnar.

“I don’t think Russia has abandoned plans to make his land corridor to the Crimea, and Transnistria”, — quotes the statement of Bodnar “Rosbalt”.

He explained his fears of water shortages on the Peninsula.

According to him, the military threat from Russia becomes more likely, given the possibility of landing operations of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation. Bodnar also pointed out that the threat of attack also exists on the part of Donbass.

Earlier, former Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States Yuri Scherbak said that Russia is allegedly planning to wage war in the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and the Arctic. In his opinion, she strikes the first blow, says “Constantinople”. However, as URA.RU said the former head of the defense Ministry DND Igor Strelkov, Russia could launch an offensive in Ukraine only in response to provocation from her side.