The conflict of Ukraine and Georgia, because Mikhail Sakaashvili deprive Kiev of the country-the ally of the Russian opposition. About this in his article for “the spectator” said Vitaly Thousandth.

Saakashvili addressed the threat to Georgia

As he wrote the Rambler, Georgia withdrew for consultation its Ambassador in Kiev after the appointment of ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili, the head of the Ukrainian Executive Committee of reforms.

As explained in Tbilisi, Georgia raised questions appointment to public office of persons, which is punishable by law.

Sources “Explorer” the foreign Ministry said that the late Georgian Ambassador Teymuraz Sharashenidze will come to the diplomatic office of Ukraine and will submit a note of protest.

Expert on international issues Julia Osmolovsky said that this situation is “directly beneficial” to Russia.

“We are Georgia synchronously pass the path to NATO and other Euro-Atlantic processes. And this tension between us weakens the possibility of collective pressure on the structures of the Alliance in matters of convergence. It is in the hands of Russia and its policy”, – the expert believes.

Th noted that the new office, Saakashvili symbolic, the real instruments of influence on the reforms he will not. However, the cooling in relations with Georgia has already occurred.

The author of the material called illogical the loss of support of the small but friendly country in an unstable situation in the EU and the USA, as well as activity of Russia in the region.