Ukraine imposed the fee at the rate of 65 percent on imports of coal from Russia to protect the domestic market, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the Ukrainian state statistics service, Russia in 2019 accounted for 58 percent of all deliveries of coal and anthracite to Ukraine. In total, Kiev imported coal at $ 2.8 billion. In January and February 2020, Russia’s share in the supply of thermal coal to Ukraine exceeded 61 percent.

the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky on Ukrainian meeting of workers of the coal industry previously stated that it now imports in this industry is impossible. He noted that the company can import coal from countries that close their markets to Ukrainian goods.

According to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Smugala, has developed a mechanism, which establishes a 65-percent duty on imports of the type of coal, which Ukraine is able to secure its market.

the Ukrainian authorities for several years to pursue a policy of restrictions against Russian goods. In particular, in July last year, Kiev has imposed special duties on the import of Russian diesel fuel by pipeline transport and on the import of liquefied natural gas. In February it was decided to introduce a fee in the amount of 50,09 per cent on the import of certain goods from the Russian steel.