Ukrainian authorities have extradited to Georgia Caesar of Togoshvili nicknamed al Bara Shishani. He is accused of having links with a terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

based On the information obtained by the security Service of Georgia and interagency cooperation, the security Service of Ukraine detained Togoshvili in Kiev November 12, 2019 on charges of participation in a terrorist organization — said in the message a press-services of the state Security Service of Georgia (GBS).

According to the Georgian special services, the man left for Syria in 2015, where he joined the terrorists. The consequence considers that it is associated with the Tarkhan batirashvili (Abu Omar al-Shishani), who is known as war Minister of the “Islamic state”. wrote that in Syria militants “Islamic state” has escaped from prison in the province of hasakah. She was under the control of Arab-Kurdish groups, “Syrian democratic forces” (SDF).