After the fall of the Azov steelworks in Mariupol, which had been under siege for weeks, the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers are to be taken to the capital Kyiv. Most of the surviving fighters surrendered to the Russian forces, but countless corpses are suspected in the cellars.

These are to be identified using DNA analysis and brought to Kyiv, reports the AP news agency, citing a spokeswoman for the ultra-nationalist Azov combat unit and a Ukrainian military spokesman. In return, dead Russian soldiers are to be brought back by the Ukrainian side. Both governments have not yet officially confirmed the process.

In addition to the fighters from the Azov unit of the Ukrainian army, numerous civilians have also holed up in the steelworks. Whether their bodies also fall under the Compromise is unknown.

President Selenskyj wants to see Ukraine as a candidate for EU membership as soon as possible. With Sviatohirsk, Russian troops take over an important place in the Russian Orthodox Church. While Spain announces new arms deliveries, the Union warns against German hesitation. The night at a glance.

There is huge anger in the Kremlin over the airspace ban on Foreign Minister Lavrov. Meanwhile, the United States wants to confiscate two of Oligarch Abramovich’s planes. All voices and developments on the Ukraine war here in the ticker.

In a secretly recorded telephone conversation, two Russian officers gossip about their President Vladimir Putin. They acknowledge that he made crucial mistakes and criticize a problem that the head of state only recently addressed in the Kremlin.