UK buy world's fastest supercomputer weather

Weather service UK Met Office, will spend 1.2 billion pounds ($1.6 billion) for the purchase of the world’s most powerful climate supercomputer.

the Existing supercomputer Cray XC40 can no longer cope with processing all the data, so the UK authorities will provide the meteorological service the greatest subsidy for all 170 years of existence of the Department.

it is Expected that the supercomputer will be ready by 2022. Experts hope that it will help reduce the damage that hurricanes and floods cause a vital infrastructure.

according to the office, the supercomputer will create a “digital double” of our atmospheric data such as wind speed, temperature, air pressure and much more.

To create a detailed weather map, the computer divides the territory into squares with different scale. The smaller the square the more accurate the forecast. At the moment, the side of the square is equal to 10. km On the territory of the United Kingdom — 1.5 km Around major airports — about 300 meters. The new supercomputer will increase the accuracy of forecasts up to 100 meters.

After commissioning of the system will not only provide better forecasts (including forecasts of precipitation), but also help rescue workers to place mobile barriers from flooding, to balance the electric grid, and more.

Meteorological office said that the supercomputer will also help services to mitigate the effects of climate change, “and will help to support the transition to a low carbon economy across the UK”. The supercomputer also will be used by universities to design drugs, energy storage and other types of research. In this case, while technical details of the supercomputer is almost not disclosed.

the First phase of the development of the supercomputer is scheduled to be completed in 2022 and then the supercomputer will have six times more powerful than today’s Cray XC40. Five years later, the system will receive the update, which is still three times increase productivity, making it nearly 20 times more powerful. The price includes not only the hardware but also the cost of operation for ten years. The current model of the supercomputer was purchased in 2014 and will be decommissioned in 2022.

Investing, of course, the largest for all history of meteorological services, but the Department believes that this will bring great benefit to 19 pounds ($23) for every pound spent.