The Corona-crisis is almost worldwide on all areas. It was the Lifestyle, the politics, or the economy – there is hardly an area of the Corona-crisis is not adversely affected. The popular US electronics manufacturer Apple wants weekly supply of more than one Million protective masks to medical institutions.

The announced Apple CEO Tim Cook on its Social Media channel on Twitter. Therefore, Apple’s Design, construction, have, packaging, and operations teams together with the suppliers of the US manufacturer worked together.

The result is a mask made of transparent plastic, which you can stack like paper flat and in packs of 100 boxes you can send. As soon as the package reaches the destination, should be able to build the physician, the protective masks within two minutes. In addition, the mask can be like a belt to adjust, so they should fit on any head shape. How the mask looks, it shows Tim Cook even in a

*The contribution of “Ugly but useful: the New product of Apple is more important than the iPhone,” published by Inside phone. Contact with the executives here.

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