The murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi (†59) a year ago. The Yemen war continues. Nevertheless, the Federal President Ueli Maurer (68, SVP) traveled with a financial delegation to Saudi Arabia. The local ruler Breasts to Twitter now with the Federal President.

Maurer’s desert trip pushes up into the bourgeois camp to criticism. “In his place, I would have been more cautious,” says FDP national councillor Christa mark Walder (44). She hopes that Mason has addressed the human and women’s rights.

In its media release to Trip the SVPler emphasizes sustainability and financial issues. Questions of the rule of law, democracy and human rights were the subject of the talks, say it in a single sentence.

“Not acceptable”

Several members of the foreign policy Commission is now calling for consequences: “such A night-and-fog action is acceptable,” says the Green Sibel Arslan (39). However, the Federal Council shall determine the foreign policy itself.

But according to Arslan, to members of the log your trips in the future with the competent Commission. “At least in such sensitive countries.”

access is via trade

CVP-foreign politician, Kathy Riklin (67) also: “You should have as much tact to know that such a trip is detrimental to the Image of Switzerland.”

And SP-national councillor Fabian Molina (29) wants to know whether the trip is with the entire Federal Council was agreed and whether there was pressure from the financial industry on the trip.

To do this, he would like clarity about how like-minded States to behave in front of the Background of Saudi Arabian violations of international law. The Parliament had placed the double-taxation agreements with Saudi Arabia because of Khashoggi on ice. “The question is not whether the Federal President is working against the overarching Parliament.”

That Mason is visited before his return flight, a game of the Saudi Basketball women’s teams and his Department emphasized that “improving the status of women” is one of the reforms that Saudi Arabia would like to see, for a critic more than a Fig leaf.