For Friday evening, Federal President Ueli Maurer (68) had prohibited his participation in the SRF”Arena”, to weibeln for the OASI tax Deal Switzerland on 19. May votes. He would come to really or out of the Studio, when one of the critics referred to the tax part of the template again as “old wine in new bottles”?

reminder: This wording in the SRF-Economy show “Eco” had brought Mason in such a way to the palm that he called off a previously arranged Interview and from the TV Studio (VIEW reported).

Maurer was in the mood for Spässen

In the “Arena” held a bricklayer – even though it “spoke to Arena”-trainer Jonas Projer (37) is equal to the beginning of the broadcast on its television outlet from the Monday: He asked him whether the Parcel from tax reform and social security funding (STAF) is because more than “old wine in new hoses”.

Mason stayed cool. “It’s a completely different template,” he said locker and quipped: “of Course, you always has to do with taxes – we can’t change the water protection act, if we need a tax reform.”

New wine in new wineskins

But the criticism that the STAF was actually the Same as the corporate tax reform III, which has sunk the people of two years ago, was wrong: There were many differences.

So for now, municipalities and cities would have to be compensated adequately for loss of tax revenue. In addition, we know today for each Canton of exactly what the effects of the Reform. The new tax relief had gone over the books and have restricted the privileges for the company.

Maurer cool, Badran annoyed

Even as it Projer estimated to be 20 Times, thus tormented, the two subjects mix, which would have nothing to do with each other – in profit taxes for companies and the AHV, was a Mason not out of the rest. Unlike the SP national councillor from Zurich Jacqueline Badran (57), the aufstöhnte against the end of the programme in an exasperated tone: “Yes, we have heard it, Mr Projer …”

Maurer, who had to prevail on Badrans side against Green party leader Regula Rytz (57) and Young-GLP-President Tobias Vögeli (23), proved to be his best statesman page: dossier, collegiate to the Federal Council and Parliament, easy to understand and crystal clear in the matter. “If we don’t do tax reform, then taxpayers will go away, and then you have to pay for the failures,” he said about an opponent of the template.

The performance shows that If Ueli Maurer wants to, he can weibeln convincingly for the Reform. He will need to. Because according to the JRC survey conducted on behalf of the SRF, the STAF is far from cut and dried.

Switzerland will vote in may on two templates. VIEW explains what it is exactly.

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