The Union of European football associations (UEFA) plans to organize the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final of the Champions League in the format of the tournament. As the most likely venue is called Lisbon. However, competition to the Portuguese capital will try to make capital of the Spanish. The mayor of Madrid, josé-Luis martínez-Almeida stated that the city is negotiating the final part of the main competition. Final decision UEFA intends to publish the June 17.UEFA is planning to hold all the matches of the Champions League, starting with the quarterfinal, in the same city, without spectators in the stands. According to AS, the favourite is Lisbon. It is expected that the winners of the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds will be determined not by the sum of the two, as usual, the matches, and at the end of one meeting. It is a kind of mini-tournament for eight teams. It can start on 12 August and to be completed is August 23. He can pass on 21 August, but not in Gdansk, as expected, and in one of the German cities. Note that the format of the remaining part of the Europa League may not provide any of the final mini-tournament, and differ from scheme completion of the Champions League.Previously in addition to Lisbon as a final mini-tournament known as Frankfurt, Moscow, Madrid. But the leadership of UEFA are inclined to the Portuguese variant has several advantages: According to who, the country recorded a little more than 35 thousand cases of coronavirus (22 thousand people have already recovered, 1492 died). For comparison: in Spain only deaths once infected with coronavirus were more than 27 thousand This, however, did not prevent the mayor of Madrid Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida who quoted newspaper Marca claim that the Spanish capital has officially is negotiating to host the decisive matches of the Champions League. Overall, if you don’t count the statistics on the incidence of coronavirus, the application of Madrid, at least not inferior to Lisbon. Mayor martínez-Almeida is confident that the Spanish authorities will be able to provide an adequate level of security.UEFA intends to publish the scheme of carrying out of the Champions League for 17 June. Until then have to find the answers to some important questions. But against this format supports a number of clubs. For example, “Manchester city” has achieved a guest victory over real Madrid (2:1), and “Barcelona” in the away draw (1:1) with “Napoli”. Neither manchesterze nor Barca are reluctant to lose in the second leg of the factor of their field. Even in the stands will be fans.Arnold Kabanovka pandemic coronavirus change the face of sports to further tranliterate