a Minimum of 35’000 Swiss francs is the cost of a property in Cologny GE – per square meter. After that, the prices are open at the top. The transaction prices for Swiss real estate are rising steadily. In the luxury segment, however, twice as much as the Swiss average. The lake Geneva region is the front-runner.

luxury is booming: Since 2013, the past year was the strongest in this Segment. Especially around the major urban centers, the noble real estate is a year more expensive – at around nine per cent of the lake of Geneva. The UBS writes in their recent study of the luxury real estate market.

Similar prices as in Geneva solvent buyers are also paying in the tourism regions of Gstaad and St. Moritz, GR. Slightly cheaper – but still expensive – prices are at the lake of Zurich. Who wants to live here in luxury, must pay 20’000 and 30’000 Swiss francs per square meter.

Three out of four buyers come from abroad,

fluctuations in the economy affect the demand for luxury real estate. And if you earn more, can spend more: Particularly the super-rich benefited from the previous Boom. For 2019, the UBS experts predict a slight slowdown in the luxury market.

Also, the exchange rate of the Swiss franc affected the market: three out of four buyers of Swiss luxury real estate to have a foreign passport. A majority of them, however, lives in the country.

luxury is located in Geneva,

All of the selected municipalities have an above average number of high-priced real estate. How many there are is determined by the UBS on the basis of the proportion of advertised properties per municipality, whose prices per Square meter 20’000 Swiss francs.

Many of the luxury properties in this price range are located in Cologny, St. Moritz, Verbier, VS, and Gstaad. But the most high-priced real estate will be offered in Geneva.

Expensive abroad

Who holds the Swiss prices per Square metre now is totally outrageous, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Because it is even more expensive: In Monaco, the square meter costs around 63’000 in Hong Kong on the 46’000 US-Dollar. (mm)