unlike in the fourth quarter, the largest Swiss Bank, received a net amount of many new funds. For the near future, the Bank is cautiously optimistic.

Before taxes UBS earned in the period from January to March 1.55 billion 2.10 billion in the previous year. The bottom line remained with 1.14 billion, also significantly less than in the comparison period (1.57 bn).

The market’s expectations have been exceeded significantly: The AWP consensus for pre-tax profit amounted to 1,20 billion dollars and the net profit at 0.87 billion US dollars.

The business income of 7.22 billion and was thus also clearly above the expected average of just under 7 billion US dollars.

UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti commented on the performance in the media release of Thursday as follows: “The first quarter of 2019 was influenced by difficult conditions in the markets improved against the end of the quarter and into April”.

new assets of over 20 Billion.

Of particular importance for the largest wealth managers in the world, the new inflow of funds from customers. After an outflow in the fourth quarter of 2018, the global asset management unit of Global Wealth Management (GWM) is moved in the first quarter of 2019 net new assets in the amount of US $ 22.3 billion. The adjusted net margin in wealth management, estimates UBS 15 basis points to 13 basis points in the previous year.

The total invested assets increased due to the development of the market and of the new assets. They amounted at the end of the quarter and the 3’318 billion to 3’of 101 billion dollars by the end of 2018.

Little has changed in the hard core capital ratio (CET1 fully implemented) was presented at the end of the quarter. It improved slightly to 13.0% from 12.9 percent at the end of the year. The Leverage Ratio, i.e. the non-risk-weighted leverage ratio, came from 3.80 to 3.77 per cent.

in The short term, suspended share buy-back program to be launched in the second quarter, depending on market conditions. As originally planned, are to be acquired in 2019, the title of the order of 1 billion USD.

For the further development of the Management is cautiously optimistic. The world economy and the markets are likely to continue to recover and stabilise, albeit at different rates depending on the Region and asset class. From this environment, UBS is likely to benefit, thanks to the diversified regions and Geschäftemixes. In the two wealth management divisions of Global Wealth Management and Asset Management, the Management of the Bank expects as a result of higher assets under management with an increase in recurring revenues compared to the first quarter. (SDA)