On Wall Street, investors are eagerly awaiting the IPO of US car service mediator Uber. The company from Silicon Valley is going to be traded this Friday for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange. The Countdown is on.

But on Wednesday, the stock market was disturbed party. In several U.S. cities, including New York, San Francisco and Boston, Uber drivers work and took to the streets. They call for better Jobgarantien, an end of arbitrary “Deactivations” from the Uber-System and a higher contribution to the revenue of the platform.

protest In New York in the Morning, around 500 riders in front of the office building of the company in Manhattan. According to Uber, this affects the customers in the city. In New York City, according to company information, around 50’000 driver.

“Invested in our lives and not in their shares”

In San Francisco, the police had to close parts of Market Street for a short time, when about 300 riders brought in front of the Uber headquarters in San Francisco. On Twitter Videos is to see how the strikers are always shouting the same sentence: “United driver will never be defeated.” Also signs were to be seen as “Invested in our lives and not in their stock.”

Also in the UK and Australia Uber driver put down briefly on their work.

Uber responded on Wednesday already. “The driver is the focus of our Services – without him we can’t be successful,” wrote the company in a statement. They wanted to continue to work to improve the “experience for the driver.” Concrete steps Uber is not called, however.

Clearly, the company was, however, in the case of the long-awaited announcement for its share price. Uber has established a range of 44 to 50 dollars per share, as on Wednesday it became known.

VIEW answers the most important questions relating to the IPO of Uber.

On Friday, it is come: The US-car service mediator Uber goes public. If on Friday morning on the New York Wall Street the bell rings (15.30 GMT), is likely the shares will be traded initially between 44 and 50 dollars.

Also, Swiss investors may be in the major stock market party on principle. At his Bank, you can Deposit an ordinary purchase order. To do this, you need not necessarily have a Dollar account.

the Only U.S.-Swiss double-citizen, or former and current Swiss Green Card holder could be excluded from the purchase.