Uber made an emergency stop at the exchange

because of the coronavirus investors and traders decided to complete their trip on Uber. Shares of service on taxi in the course of trading, renewed its historical minimum and has lost more than 13.5%, below $23.

However, this movement is not over and postmarket securities of technology start-up decreased by 6.5%. According to experts, the shares of the company got a wave of sales and falling faster than the indexes because of the vulnerability of the company to coronavirus.

the Catalyst for this pressure became several factors: fear of personal contact with the driver, and General measures to ban mass gatherings, restriction of leisure time and some companies their employees to work remotely.

in addition, earlier it became known about the plans to block Uber in the US the accounts of customers and drivers who already had contracted a new virus. The company said that drivers and couriers who contracted coronavirus, or went into quarantine, will receive compensation corresponding to their two-week earnings. Apparently, investors have a wide gesture of the management of the service is not appreciated.