waited a While in the past few days, the whole world on the birth of “Baby Sussex”, has been eagerly awaited by investors on Wall Street, the stock market debut of a U.S. car service mediator Uber. The company from Silicon Valley is going to be traded this Friday for the first time on the New York Stock Exchange. The Countdown is on.

Uber is aiming for a Revolution of transport. The idea is to increase Instead of to your own car, book an Uber. The customer will be picked up on the spot and safely driven.

The company is aiming for one of the world’s biggest IPOs in years. VIEW answered in the run-up to the most important questions to the Uber-cracker.

How much is Uber worth?

Not as much as hoped, the Tech-geniuses from the Silicon Valley a few months ago. There was talk of 120 billion dollars – which would have been a record-breaking IPO in the technology sector. Now, Uber is targeting a total valuation of up to 90 billion dollars. It has the highest stock exchange premiere since the Chinese e-Commerce giant Alibaba in the year 2014.

What is the cost of a share?

This is still unclear. On Wall Street, it is a price of between 44 and 50 dollars. Depending on demand, could change this but still. It is expected that Uber will announce the final issue price of its shares on Thursday.

How much the investors?

Since its founding almost a decade ago, Uber has collected almost $ 30 billion in financial resources. Now the investors want to cash in with IPO strong. Uber will place 180 million shares. That would result in a revenue of eight to nine billion dollars.

Who cashed in concrete terms?

the winners will include well-known individuals from the financial and technology industries, such as, for example, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He has invested according to “The Information” in 2011, three million dollars. Today, his over-valued shares to almost $ 400 million.

The Japanese businessman Masayoshi Son is the largest shareholder of Uber. He invested in the past year, 6.6 billion dollars in the company. On Friday its shares could have a value of over ten billion dollars. Also, the two Uber-founder Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp are likely to cash in and: Kalanick holds around 42, Camp five percent of the company.

What to expect from Uber?

in the Red. Uber writes previously high losses. Excluding special revenues through the sale of the business to share the company lost last year, almost 1.9 billion dollars. In the first quarter of 2019 to the situation according to the “Wall Street Journal” even worse. In the twelve months to end-March were lost according to the newspaper, around 3.7 billion dollars – a record minus for a company in the year prior to the IPO.

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi warned already in December: “If you want a predictable, profitable company buys a Bank. Not comes to us easily.” It is only the long-term perspective of interest. However, whether the company will supply the black Numbers? In the stock exchange prospectus Uber warns that to make may never win.

What are the arguments of Uber?

growth, growth and growth. 2018, the revenues increased in the year-on-year by 42 percent to 11.3 billion dollars. CEO Khosrowshahi wants to position his company in all types of mobility, and compared About the beginning of the week with Amazon: “cars are to us what books were for Amazon.”

in fact, Uber is penetrated next to the Convey of driving services in other sectors: A food service and an E-Bike and Scooter – rental the company operates already. Air taxis and robot cars will eventually follow.

there Are similar companies on the stock exchange?

Yes. The U.S. travel service intermediary Lyft is a competitor of Uber. The company did just that back in March the step to the stock exchange. After a promising Start with a share price of about 78 dollars, the paper came lately under strong pressure. Currently a Lyft-share is for $ 59.