Today, it is so far: Uber dares to take the step to the Wallstreet. The U.S. travel service intermediary is aiming for one of the world’s biggest IPOs in years.

The companies in Silicon Valley wants to revolutionize nothing Less than our traffic. The idea is to increase Instead of to your own car, book an Uber. The customer will be picked up on the spot and safely driven. In Switzerland, too, is for some time in Basel, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.

Uber is not but it was only with the announcement of today’s IPO for belonging to noise. Since its founding a decade ago, the company was again and again by scandals shake-up. An Overview:

2012: price increase during hurricane Sandy

In the fall of 2012, hurricane Sandy New York hits with full force. The majority of public transport in the city. The hour of Uber. Because the demand is great, there is a dynamic increase in prices. The rates are doubled within minutes. Just as quickly a Shitstorm developed in the social networks. Criticism: use a extreme situation shamelessly. The company is responding, lowers the prices to the normal rate, compensated for the driver but continue with the Double.

2014:-employees ‘ weaknesses competitor Gett

In January 2014, a US magazine reveals how high-level Uber employees in New York accounts on the competing car service Gett. You should arbitrarily have rides ordered to cancel them a short time later. The result is that the driver of Gett lost valuable time and were increasingly frustrated. As drivers of competitive poaching. Later they apologized and said, “too aggressive”.

2014: the Sexist advertising of Uber France

In October 2014, Uber launched an office in the French city of Lyon advertising campaign. The company wants to bring in customers with attractive female drivers. The campaign under the title “Hot chicks” (translated: hot girl) to trigger a Shitstorm. Only a day later it is set again.

2014: plans against critical journalists

In November 2014, Emil Michael, one of the then Vice-President, caused a stir. He proposes in an Uber-founder Travis Kalanick (42), organised dinner, a four-person Team to hire the raunchy Details about journalists critical of the searches and the Public. When his comments come to light, apologizes for Emil Michael, and declared that his Statements were neither his nor the Beliefs of the Uber reflect.

2016: Uber driver kills the Killer

Jason Dalton in February 2016, six people in the U.S. city of Kalamazoo (Michigan). Between his attacks he is transported guests for the driving service Uber. The Background Check he passed with no problems because he had no criminal history. Prior to the commencement of Dolton gave to investigators, the Uber App would have turned him into a “puppet” and his goals for it.

2016: Uber founder joins the economic Advisory Board of the Trump in

Uber’s founder, Travis Kalanick, at that time still CEO of the company, announced that it has joined the economic Advisory Council of the elected U.S. President Donald Trump. Many customers are disappointed by the connection of the company to President Trump. Within a few days loses About more than 200’000 clients.

2017: Internal to the misogyny

A blog post from Susan Fowler, a former employee of Uber, triggers a great deal of debate about the allegedly misogynistic practice of the company. Fowler claims that a Manager had sexually harassed them. The human resources Department of Uber should have rejected their complaint on the grounds that the Manager is a power carrier. CEO Travis Kalanick hires a special investigator, to the accusations of Fowler.

In the summer of 2017, has announced Uber, that in the course of the investigation, 215 complaints were received. As a consequence, about 20 offending employees will be laid off.

2017: Uber’s founder argues with the driver

The American newspaper ‘Bloomberg’ published in February 2017, a Video, the Uber founder Travis Kalanick in an Uber-Taxi. When the driver is responsive to the low rates, loses Kalanick. A short time later, the CEO of the company apologized publicly and said that he wanted to take leadership.

In the summer of 2017 back Kalanick under a lot of pressure as a CEO. He’s sitting up today, but still in the Board of Directors of the company.

2017: Secret Software grey ball

In March 2017, the next story goes viral. The “New York Times” reveals a secret Software called grey ball. The company should be marked so that officials of the Supervisory authorities using aggregate data or as an employee of the city knows. Those who wanted to use Uber, received either Rejections or incorrect versions of the Uber App with a non-existent car. According to the paper filtered Uber police and forces of law and order by using their credit cards.

a confessed to the use of the Software grey ball, and vowed to improve.

2017: drivers

Uber to be paid in may 2017, to have drivers in New York over two years, to little paid. The company promises to pay the arrears in the tens of millions.

2017: UberPop will be in Switzerland

set The effective service UberPop allows private individuals to drive without a corresponding examination of the “commercial passenger transportation” customers. The service is in many Parts of the world, controversial. Swiss trade unions were from the start, however, because Uber has not had to comply with the requirements of the industry. In the case of the customer of the Taxi was due to the favorable tariff, however, extremely popular.

After Switzerland first UberPop-drivers were sentenced, because they have worked too long, the company hired the service in the summer of 2017. Later, UberPop has been banned in other major European cities such as London.

2018: Autonomous Uber-the car is driving foot girl dead

A self-driving Uber car in Tempe in the US state of Arizona in March 2018, a 49-year-old Leg-breaker, and mortally wounded. The company began test operation in the meantime.

On Friday, it is come: The US-car service mediator Uber goes public. If on Friday morning on the New York Wall Street the bell rings (15.30 GMT), is likely the shares will be traded initially between 44 and 50 dollars.

Also, Swiss investors may be in the major stock market party on principle. At his Bank, you can Deposit an ordinary purchase order. To do this, you need not necessarily have a Dollar account.

the Only U.S.-Swiss double-citizen, or former and current Swiss Green Card holder could be excluded from the purchase.