for Months the financial markets is in a fever on the largest IPO for years. On Friday, it was so far: Uber, made his debut on Wall Street. New York received the U.S. travel service intermediary with a huge company banner. Everything was spectacle of the year for the Stock market.

The car service Uber makes traditional Taxis competition. The company argues that, Because one can optimize thanks to technology, the utilization, the prices are lower. Order and pay to do the ride via Smartphone. In Switzerland is in Basel, Geneva and Zurich, active. Worldwide, there is the Service in 600 cities.

Uber on the first day with Minus

the anticipation of The stock market Party wich but after a short time of disappointment. On Friday evening, the papers were received even with a decline of almost eight percent from the trade. For the US economy expert Jay Ritter of the University of Florida, however, there is no reason to worry. “Uber has a value of about 75 billion dollars. This was not a failure, as is claimed,” says knight, who specializes in IPOs, to Sunday views.

The Uber Management had the mood not to spoil. All CEO Dara Khosrowshahi: He made Selfies, radiated to the bet. Khosrowshahi was it that stabilized the company in 2017 at the time of its Takeover and is now listed on the stock exchange.

Every week, a scandal

under his predecessor, Uber-founder Travis Kalanick, the company practically every week with a new scandal in the headlines. For example, there is the lawsuit by Google subsidiary Waymo was because Uber stole allegedly secret information to Autonomous vehicles. Or, the secret of Software called a grey ball, with the officials of Supervisory authorities marked and tricked.

The biggest scandal under his leadership, the former employee Susan Fowler revealed at the beginning of 2017. She explained how she was harassed by an Uber-Manager, sexually. Your submitted a complaint with the human resources Department was rejected on the grounds that the man is a power carrier. Kalanick has ordered an internal investigation, with 215 more cases came to light. In the summer of 2017 finally, about 20 employees had to go. A little later, Kalanick took a lot of pressure from influential investors in the hat.

you Can provide About the black?

the 42-Year-old but has not Disappeared. He still sits on the Board of Directors and holds 40 percent of the company.

Under his successor Khosrowshahi is not to speak about scandals, but about the Pay of Uber. 2018, the revenues increased in the year-on-year by 42 percent to 11.3 billion dollars. However, in driving core business growth came in the last few quarters to a Halt. In addition, Uber is deep in the red.

For investors, the question of whether Khosrowshahi also can provide the black. The long-term business plan builds on technological progress. Robot cars eliminate the driver as a cost factor!