UAZ legalized Pickup with automatic transmission

In the open base of Rosstandart issued an updated type Approval of a vehicle at Oise models and Pro Truck. Ulyanovsk truck received, according to the document, the same powerplant that is already installed on the SUV “”Patriot””.

In the cu Tr a new modification of a pickup truck, for which the transmission is specified 6L50 six-speed unit Punch Powerglide. As you know, it is designed by a French firm, in collaboration with engineers from GM and installed on many models, in addition to the Ulyanovsk off-road vehicles.

Run the machine on the Truck will be also known engine – 2.7-liter ZMZ Pro, which develops 150 HP and last year for the sake of the ligaments with a new box has survived a number of improvements.

When two pedal drive UAZ Pickup will be on sale, is not specified, but we can assume that this will happen in the near future: making the cu Tr gives the plant a legal opportunity to send the new product to dealers at any time.

Now the price of the truck will start with a mark of 855 000 rubles for the performance of the classic Fleet with a manual transmission and the pre-reform version of the 2.7-liter engine that develops 135 HP and 217 Nm of torque. The box Classic, which is already 150-strong motor, the estimated 876 000 rubles.

Text: Avtovesti