Have been snooping in Wolfsburg to much on the Diesel exhaust? The impression is created that if you listen to the VW experts at the sustainability Workshop in the “Gläserne Manufaktur” in Dresden (D). Still, the Volkswagen-group episodes almost weekly headlines with the endless chain of diesel scandal. And now this: From the high-tech site in Dresden from the u-turn will be propagated to 180 degrees.

“climate change is real”

“We want to be the world’s leading provider of sustainable mobility,” says Michael Liebert, head of sustainability at VW. His colleague and head of the new electric series, Christian Senger: “by 2050 should be our cars 100 percent CO2-neutral.” Why, says renowned environmental expert Georg Kell, spokesman for the VW-sustainability Advisory Council: “climate change is real and an issue that affects everyone. There’s no way around it, of all the fossil fuels, get out of here.” But Kell had the request from Wolfsburg doubts as to whether the largest car maker in the world will really the will for change. Now Kell says: “What follows in the next few years, is a historic step in the future.”

Big words. Quite voluntarily, the change from diesel Saul is not coming to the Ökopaulus: After the billion buses in the United States committed itself to Volkswagen for the change to climate-friendly companies. In addition, the group must submit regular reports to the U.S. Department of justice report. The Decarbonization, i.e. Lowering CO2 emissions, is to run through the whole group.

target’s massive CO2-reduction

The plants will use more green electricity, suppliers are measured from the middle of 2019 in the sustainability Rating, if not content, is excluded. The spent CO2 of a compact stromer – from raw materials to operation to Recycling is to be reduced from today, around 30 tons (for comparison: gasoline-Golf 44 t) in the next few years. Also the power for the electric fleet (whether over the public Ionity-load network or VWs home-charging stations) will come from renewable energies. Unavoidable emissions will be compensated for and about rain forests are protected.

50 new E-cars in 2025

by 2025, investing in the VW group 34 billion Swiss francs in the E-mobility and want to 50 (!) E-models on the market. Alone, the VW brand will then be used on more than 20 E-models. Let’s go in the beginning of 2020 with the Neo as the first model of the ID-electric series. After the Golf-equivalent of the Neo, depending on the battery pack 330 to 550 kilometers, follow the SUV ID Crozz, Van ID, Buzz and the sedan ID Vizzion – all on the new E-platform MEB.


informed The wolf Burger are convinced that the new models will also meet with great: Just the goal to bring in a first wave of 10 million E-Mobile among the people was increased, to 15 million. In order to be bought, they must be done only once-a-tasty – after all, today around 70 percent of Germans, according to polls, is not or is hardly informed. In Switzerland, it is likely to be similar. VW is really so much to sustainability, would have to offer the group order to be consistent, then also the famous VW currywurst vegan – after all, VW sold, no kidding, more curry sausages than cars!