Because you should give away for a much-needed flood protection project in the country of your grace, of justice, Luna, fought Theresia Seyffert (62) and Geza Kercho (55) in front of the St Gallen administrative court.

your fears: The much-needed widening of the Mülibachs, devastated in the years 2015 and 2016, the small village of Schwendi SG, would their existence threaten. The operation of the grace of justice, the 80 provides the oppressed animals a dignified home, is in the greatest danger (EYES reported).

retreat by E-Mail, announced

Together with the appearance of the VIEW report now, apparently, the great u-turn: “The Situation is such that we have withdrawn all further steps, and no longer continue to fight,” said Theresia Seyffert by E-Mail.

your lawyer will refer the complaint before the administrative court and the municipality of Mels SG tell. Also the neighbors that had called for the construction as soon as possible, and with vehemence, had already been informed accordingly.

neighbors welcome the decision by the grace of justice

Esther Gmür (62) of the middle trout Schwendi breeding confirmed to have the process stop the mercy of the court know. “We would not have expected, it’s really surprising,” says the local resident. The decision as such, however, is a long overdue and absolutely necessary step.

“It is not only their animals, but primarily to the protection of half the village. The human life should come first!”, find Gmür.

animal friends On cancel to move to

according to demand, Theresia Syeffert explains the abrupt change of Opinion as follows: “It is us become too much. We can no longer stand the hype any longer.” She and her husband were always people who would be very withdrawn.

Now they were dragged to the Public and poorly made. “Also in the local press, was recently made again sentiment against us,” says Seyffert. Now, be prepare because a Plan B. “Thus the search for a new Home is connected. Here we will not remain safe,” said Theresia Seyffert.

Officially, nothing is, however, Neither the municipality of Mels the St. Gallen administrative court allows the withdrawal of the appeal. This is likely to only arrive in the next few days.

“A retreat would of course be in the interest of all who live in the Schwendi in the danger zone,” according to Council clerk Stefan Bertsch.