U.S. Secretary of state called Ukraine

Photo: Volodymyr Tarasov/Keystone Press Agency

Moscow, January 31 – “News.Economy.” During his visit to Ukraine, U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo praised Kiev for “defense, feeding and repairing pipes” for Europe.

U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo during his visit to Ukraine met with Ukrainian leadership, saying the important role that Ukraine fulfills to service the needs of Europeans.

during a press conference with President Vladimir Zelensky, the head of the US state Department said that “Ukraine is in fact the stronghold and fortress between East Europe and authoritarianism”.

According to Pompeo, “it’s really a country that feeds the Europeans, supports the pipes that warm the Europeans.”

Vladimir Zelensky, in turn, told Pompeo that Ukraine’s aspiration to develop new forms of cooperation in the sphere of defense “will give impetus to the mutually beneficial cooperation with leading defense companies of the United States”.

Zelensky also spoke about the Ukrainian government “big plans for the roads,” stressing that it “invites a large American business to invest in the infrastructure of Ukraine”. Text: News.Economy