U.S. Secretary of state acknowledged the loss of the Crimea to Ukraine at a meeting with Ukrainian activists

during a closed-door meeting in Kiev, the head of the US state Department said that “global players understand” the impossibility of returning Crimea to Ukraine.

Meeting in Kiev, photos of which were published on the website of the US state Department on social media, took place on January 31 in the framework of the visit Pompeo in the countries of Eastern Europe.

details of the meeting and details of the discussion in the comments to the Ukrainian edition of “New time” announced its participants.

According to Elena Trigub, head of the Independent anti-corruption Committee on defence, Pompeo was interested in the pressing problems of the Ukrainian society and “as if were compared them with the agenda, which he heard on Bankova street”.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Ukrainian activist Emin dzhaparova turned to Pompeo with a request to keep the Crimea in the field of view of U.S. foreign policy, and to help in organizing the conference in the Crimea in Washington.

However, according to interlocutors of the edition, Pompeo expressed optimism on this issue. Instead, he said: “the Crimea is lost. Global players understand that. Ukraine gave the Crimea, and Russia is not one of those who have something you can pick up.”

Attending the meeting the parties have not officially confirmed the accuracy of the statements made, but the sad expression Caprovoi on one of the photos taken during the meeting and published on the page Pompeo on the social network Twitter, it may be an indirect confirmation of the fact that the statement of the Secretary of state about the membership of the Crimea, not compelled her excessive optimism.

during the official press conference with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy, which took place on the same day, Michael Pompeo also gave a high assessment of the role of the Ukrainian state service of Europe. According to Secretary of state, “is this really the country that feeds the Europeans, supports the pipes that warm the Europeans.”