there Are UFOs or are they not? What was hitherto seen as a pure matter of faith, he now has confirmation from a high official position: According to the US Navy three Videos, which circulate for some years in the Public and unidentified flying objects are, in fact, real.

The Videos operate under the names “FLIR1”, “Gimbal” and “GoFast”. In several statements submitted to the U.S. platform, “The Black Vault” exclusive, confirmed the U.S. Navy, the authenticity of the relevant Video recordings, the term “UFO” (an abbreviation for unidentified flying object), however, is avoided.

“Unidentified aerial phenomenon” instead of a UFO

Instead, the Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher uses the term “unidentified aerial phenomena” or UAP, in English, “unidentified aerial phenomenon”. The documented reaction of the US pilots shows that the observed objects are not everyday phenomena: After the Pilot had detected the flying object on his screen, blurts out to him: “What the f*** is that thing” (English: “What is that thing?”)

This recording is from the “GoFast”Video shows the Display of a highly developed Radar sensor (explanations in English superimposed). The small square in the middle of a is used for the automatic target recognition photo:

Gradisher admitted that the objects “were observed, as they entered the air space of various military controlled exercise areas, or operated”. However, the three Videos were never released for publication. So Gradisher confirmed an earlier statement by the U.S. Department of defense to “The Black Vault”. Accordingly, the Pentagon had said spokeswoman Susan Gough: “The Videos were released by the Ministry of defence never officially to the Public and should actually be kept under wraps.”