Most U.S. intelligence believes that the coronavirus has spread from the Chinese lab in Wuhan, according to Fox News channel.

About 70-75% of the 17 intelligence agencies of the United States believe that the virus came from Wuhan lab. The remaining part of the security services can’t agree with colleagues because of a lack of evidence.

According to the channel, most of the intelligence services roam to the fact that the coronavirus had spread over some of the mistakes that allowed the staff of the Wuhan lab. However, the evidence has not yet been presented.

Another source reported that the US authorities received intelligence showing that Beijing “found out about the spread of the virus between people earlier than claimed”. According to this information, in the first weeks after the outbreak of infection could cover a wider area than reported by the Chinese side.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the Chinese authorities tried to hide some of the information on the distribution COVID-19, and “will bear responsibility”. The head of the state Department did not specify what measures he plans to take Washington.