she is only 32 years old and was one of the young hopes of the Democrats in the United States. But now, the political career of Katie Hill is already coming to an end.

California deputies failed in the US Congress over an affair with a staffer and Nude photos on the Internet. “With a heavy heart,” has Hill filed, in the meantime, your resignation.

divorce, on “unsavory type”

Several U.S. media reported earlier about an alleged affair by Katie Hill with her financial chief Graham Kelly. This relationship denies the politician, however, up to today.

Hardly in doubt, however, of a Liaison between the Hill and your office assistant Morgan Desjardins. In addition to a kiss-photo also exists on the Hill naked on a chair squats and Desjardins, the hair combs. Shots like this have not damaged the political reputation of the Democrat – US-members are prohibited from relationships with employees, but harm your marriage. Still, Hill is married to her husband, she’ll leave, but just to “unsavory type” divorce.

Also on the Internet a picture of Hill, the the politician naked, with a Bong-a pipe is popped up. To recognize this is also a hip Tattoo is that Similarities with a radical right-wing circles has spread the Iron cross.

Even Nancy Pelosi criticized Hill

Katie Hill was only in November 2018 will be elected. She was the first openly bisexual live members in the U.S. state of California and was also part of the Committee to which the Impeachment proceedings against U.S. President Trump promotes.

The steep ascent of the Hill was stopped by the Nude photo affair abruptly. For the incidents, the Deputy was criticized even by the democratic Chairman of Parliament Nancy Pelosi. Hill were after the events of “error in judgment” thing. It became, therefore, as MPs is untenable. “We need a climate of integrity and Would ensure in the Congress and at all workplaces,” said Pelosi. (cat)