Dave Eggers: Somewhere in the head was Kafka, as I thought about this book. But just as George Orwell, John Maxwell Coetzee, Chinua was Achebe and even a little John Steinbeck.

Sometimes, books need a long ripening process. Very often, I’m about eight to ten years of notes to an idea, before I roll it into a novel.

We drove with the car in the North of the country to the town of Aweil over and ended up on a massive wide road that was just built newly. We found it strange that a Swedish company got the order to level the road and to tar. The remained to me.

I’m fascinated by people who move in unknown terrain. And in this case, the Swedes carried out a Plan, you were not even privy to.

Because I am an American and I was afraid that the readership will accept, the workers are American, and the book was a commentary on the international intervention of the US.

But this is not so. Such construction sites, there are a hundred different constellations around the globe. The men can be Sweden, Chinese, German, Nigerian, or from a dozen other countries.

The key point is: you lead a Plan from others, without knowing the intended target. You are pawns in the chess.

you are the First one who has noticed this – thank you! The enterprising approach and the lack of sensitivity of Four combined with the chaotic behavior of Nine this bad mix.

Certainly, Four and Nine are decoupled from the product of their work – and with intention. Your employer wants. You are prevented from any contact to their work and the people you do. You are deliberately alienated, and, in the case of Four-this is also the way that he preferred.

That is the question: Is China’s “Belt and Road”Initiative, which serves the development and Expansion of Intercontinental trade and infrastructure networks between the people’s Republic and 60 other countries in Africa, Asia and Europe, a global economic imperialism? Or even darker: it Is the basis for any military interference?

If the Chinese ports, roads and airports around the world, check how easily these systems could be military use. The speed with which the Chinese build, is dizzying. They are everywhere in Africa, especially in South Sudan. to engage

a contractor from a distance, always results in a certain tension. International projects, the work, in my view, at best, are a mixture of local experts and foreign assistance where it is needed.

The Sudanese refugee Valentino Deng, the is gone, the real template for the main character from my novel, “Far”, built a school house in South Sudan. Construction workers and architects, he drew on the ground. Little financial and technological support came from outside. To build on local skills, makes for a longer-term result, and gives a sense of personal responsibility.

Yes, investment and education are always better than handouts.

plans to operate in Berlin, London or New York, are very often unworkable. In South Sudan, I also designed a toilet – and ended up as a home for bats. This shows how we are often wrong and how we first the needs must listen, before we start with any well-intentioned plans.

I think that the world has learned to help in the last 20 years, pretty much. It is faster, more responsive, and listen to local informants. But I have to say that Even people with the best of intentions make a huge mistake in an effort to help.

Migration is almost been in every age a fact. And it will always be one. But without Migration, we would be a far less interesting species. We must encourage, therefore, continued to Migration, but with a fair, consistent and contradiction-free System – especially in the case of asylum seekers.

This wall is a sign of Trumps fear and vanity, and will have no effect on the Migration. I traveled to the border at El Paso. And everyone I met on both sides of the wall – whether they are Americans or Mexicans, whether ordinary citizen or border guard, told me that the wall had no deterrent effect.

The Trump set of measures and the work of the U.S. immigration make the country ugly. Trump is promoting a domestic Agenda, to terrorized the immigrant home and in the workplace; this corrodes the community and sows the seeds of discord and violence.

Yes, precisely in the year 2016, as Trump and his Anti-immigration rhetoric hausierte, got six Americans awarded the Nobel prize in science and industry – all six of them are immigrants.

If we choose 2020 healthy people to the President, then we are moving in the direction of reconciliation. And if we agree only to the fact that the President of the attribution should be capable and competent, we are creating a common Basis.

The breakthrough Dave Eggers “The Circle”

Dave Eggers (50) is one of the most important contemporary authors. For his work he has received numerous literary prizes. “The Circle” (2013) is a worldwide Bestseller. Eggers was born in Chicago and lives with his wife and two children in Northern California.