The USA have a lot of friends in Switzerland. And the American Ambassador, Ed McMullen (55) only. More than 700 guests, he had the honour of welcoming this week of the national holiday in the wonderful Park of his Berne residence, on Aarehang only a few hundred meters away from the Federal house.
The guests were in good spirits, thank the host and his wife Margaret Ann for the invitation. The long queue showed that “America is great again in Berne.” Who was in 2018, already there, was amazed how strong the network of the Ambassador is grown after two years in office. Came smooth 200 people more than last year.

Present only diplomats such as the German Ambassador Norbert Riedel, or the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kudriawtsew were not around. The gifts of honor and also economic heavyweights such as Peter Spuhler and his wife, Daniela, André Kudelsky, or high administrative officials such as Philipp Metzger, Ofcom-Director and Mister Digital the Federal. Also, the army was well represented with the air force squad and with Daniel Baumgartner, who will be retiring after the expenses affair, the end of the year as Deputy to the Army chief and defense attaché to Washington changes.

the St. Gallen jazz musicians provided the atmosphere

colourful and far more elegant than the grey Swiss Feldtenu – were the uniforms of the saluti ends of the U. S. Marine Security Guard Detachment Bern – and of course, the summer wardrobe of the female guests of the SVP-foreign politician, Yvette Estermann, European law Professor Christa Tobler or Christa Markwalder, President of the parliamentary friendship group USA-Switzerland. The Bernese FDP national councillor is, as she told sonntagsblick, a personal friend of Desiree Baron, the political and economic Advisor to McMullens. The Hobby-Violinstin with her in Tel Aviv resident husband and pianist Ashok Chandanehar to the piano-Trio by Christa Markwalder, a benefit concert for the artistic education of children and young people gave up a Saturday in Bern.

music is clearly the trump card in the Trump representatives: The Situation-the Band of the St. Galler jazz musician Claude Diallo made with airy rhythms for a wonderful atmosphere between California Cabernets and American Goodies. All Embassy staff was on the legs, no fork and no gloss was too much, because as McMullen: “The United States recognize Switzerland as what it is: a diamond in Europe.”