a third of the additional payments to doctors working in the area of risk, allocated from the regional budget. This was stated by the Governor of the region Alexander Moore, speaking in the “Right to justice” in the air “First channel”.

– When you enter any innovation related to the remuneration system, and if they affect large numbers of people, this issue must be tough to administer, shared the experience of the head of the region. – Because if you allowed such things to chance, there will always be questions, will be dissatisfied and there will be problems.

As told by Alexander moor, it was very important not just gently earn money, not to forget all the doctors who worked with patients with coronavirus infection, but also to explain the procedure of calculation. And not only those who got the money, but, most importantly, those who do not have them, but thought that they claim.

– There where there were good communications, everything went smoothly and safely, and where communications are “limp”, had questions, – said Alexander Moore. – We knew this, so he took questions on the “hot line” and held meetings in groups, in order to be able to give them direct answers. The questions were, of course, ideal situations never happen, so it is important to respond to people and explain why we do so, and not otherwise.

Concurrently with the Federal presidential co-payments, doctors in the region, working with patients COVID-19, could claim the regional payment. The list of medical specialties was extended to such surcharges were able to get experts that do not receive Federal money. For example, employees of laboratories and post-mortem services, as well as non-medical personnel of infectious hospitals. In April the Fund added incentive amounted to 112 million rubles, of which 38 million allocated from regional Treasury. The may payments will be 335 millions, of which 108 million – from local budgets, that is, in fact, one third of payments to physicians working in the area of risk, the Governor said.

According to 29 may, during the pandemic the number of cases of coronavirus in the Tyumen region of 1580 the person recovered – 790, the dead – 7. For patients created 920 beds is prescribed by the Ministry of health 770. The number of tests is 4 times higher than the requirements necessary for the transition to the first phase of lifting restrictions: may 17 in the field enabled the enterprises of sphere of household services, non-food shops with an area of 400 square meters with a separate entrance. 2 weeks of working in this mode, the incidence of coronavirus infection is under the control of regional authorities.