the choir boys, you are both. And yet Tyson Fury (31) and Robbie Williams (45) singing this Winter in duet. It is not a joke: The Boxer and the pop star have put together a Christmas Single recorded. The goal: to Christmas to land the number 1 Hit in the UK. “Bad Sharon” is the name of the Song and the Fury “is very, very catchy”. “You can imagine really, as the song is running, if you come in a Restaurant or a Bar, or during Christmas shopping,” explains , the Boxer in “ITV”

made The first step to cooperation by the way of the singer. Before fury’s fight against the German Tom Black (25) in Las Vegas, he attended the Ex-heavyweight champion of the world in the wardrobe. “I’ve heard you sing,” said Williams since. The is Yes, finally, been known to sing before and after his Fights Chart successes. “You have a good voice. Can you imagine to sing on my next Album? It will be a Christmas album.”

Fury, and a broad grin, agreed immediately. And has another project at the Start. Before the high-pitched Christmas Hit he has, however, Saudi Arabia made an appearance, where he tries as a Wrestler. In February or March and then again in the core business, to the point. Then it is to be a rematch between Fury and WBC champion Deontay Wilder (34). (EC)